Established in 1957. The association has taken on the important role of spreading metallic molds and standardizing technology as a supportive industry to the process and assembly industry.
The eastern Japan district branch of the Japan Die & Mold Industry Association.
Nishimura Seisakusho is a member.
This is a public service corporation established to further develop the industry of Ota ward. They provide information and a place for interchange to corporations that seek aid regarding production and transactions to respond to new needs.
Scalar Co., Ltd. is the leading maker of video microscopes. They have aided us in the filming of expanded visuals of fine processing.
It is a newspaper that makes the Nishimura Seisakusho an article several times.
"Press Technology" magazine is a magazine of the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Ltd.
It is a company of industrial waste disposal.
It aims at "Abandonment" is "Recycling" and is "Creation" and it aims at the construction of a new recycling society the concept.